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Keep calm and Make a self-care plan?

Turn your creativity and practical skills into a career.


Our 1200-hour Manicurist/Esthetics course teaches you the theory behind spa to have a healthy body. Along with the hands-on training necessary to pass the Texas State Board examinations and become licensed. 

Students can complete this course in approximately 10 months. 


The primary purpose of this course is to prepare students to render quality skin care services and quality manicuring, pedicuring, nail enhancements & spa services to clients as well as inform them of basic theories and principles of the profession by using both academic learning and hands on practical experience. The students are educated in structures and function of the skin, bones, nutrition, removal of superfluous hair, hands, feet, nails, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization, sales of retail products, electricity, product knowledge and chemistry, professional ethics & business within the industry. The minimum course length, as mandated by the State of Texas, is 1200 clock hours.  

The Manicurist/Esthetician program provides entry-level training for students interested in becoming licensed to provide the public with nail and Esthetician services.

(Total program hours: 1200

Orientation, rules, laws and preparation

  • 30 hours Electricity, machines, related equipment, implements and supplies

  • 90 hours facial treatment, cleansing, masking, therapy

  • 215 hours procedures - basic manicure and pedicure, oil manicure, removal of stains, repair work, hand and arm massage, buffing, application of polish, application of artificial nails, application of cosmetic fingernails, preparation to build new nail, and application of nail extensions, sculptures nails, tips, wraps, fiberglass/gels and odorless products

  • 310 hour anatomy and physiology

  • 50 hours arms and hands - major bones and functions, major muscles and functions, major nerves and functions, skin structure, functions, appendages, conditions and lesions, nail structure, composition, growth, regeneration, irregularities and diseases

  • 50 hours makeup

  • 75 hours chemistry

  • 30 hours sanitation, safety, and first aid

  • 40 hours care of client

  • 50 hours management

  • 20 hours superfluous hair removal

  • 25 hours aroma therapy

  • 15 hours nutrition

  • 10 hours color psychology

  • 10 hours bacteriology, sanitation and safety - definitions, importance, rules, laws, methods, safety measures, hazardous chemicals and ventilation odor in salons

  • 100 hours professional practices - manicuring as a profession, vocabulary, ethics, salon procedures, hygiene and grooming, professional attitudes, salesmanship and public relations.


Our course includes a mixture of traditional lecture theory partnered with hands-on demonstration and practical work on live models. We use traditional textbooks as well as on live models. We use traditional textbooks as well as an online classroom resource to ensure understanding and retention of training material

  • Demonstration

  • Student Salon Activities

  • Audio-Visual Aids

  • Guest Speakers

  • Interactive Lecture

  • Labs

  • Student Participation

  • Field Trips

  • Project Activities



We offer full-time and part-time schedules as well as day and evening programs, to allow you to maintain your work schedule and social life during your education. 

  • Full-time: 30 hours/week course

  • Part-time:14 to 20 hours/week course

  • Day Classes: 5 days/week (8:30 am to 3:00 pm)

  • Evening Classes: 4 to 6 nights/week (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)


915-355-3485 OR 915-702-0140




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