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Do you love to teach?

Are you a passionate stylist who loves teaching others? 

If so, our Teacher Training program may be the perfect opportunity for you. As an instructor and a professional, you'll be responsible for shaping the future of the beauty world and guiding emerging artists. Our areas of emphasis include how to teach theory, evaluating student performance and examinations, preparing students to pass the cosmetology state board examination, and much more. 


Our teachers---we call them Learning Leaders---are experienced professionals who guide our students through three levels---CORE, ADAPTIVE, and CREATIVE---while they hone their skills and develop their unique artistic vision. Learning Leaders are the heart of our program, responsible for helping students build a core foundation of knowledge and ultimately master more advanced techniques. They are more than teachers---they are dedicated mentors who work hard to prepare their students for the professional world outside the classroom doors. 



Our industry-proven instructors will teach you:

  • Theory

  • Course Development and Lesson Planning

  • Teaching Methods

  • Teaching Aids

  • Theory Teaching and Classroom Management

  • Testing and Student Evaluation

Paths for Educator

  • Master Educator

  • School Owner



We offer full-time and part-time schedules as well as day and evening programs, to allow you to maintain your work schedule and social life during your education. 

  • Full-time: 30 hours/week course

  • Part-time:14 to 20 hours/week course

  • Day Classes: 5 days/week (8:30 am to 3:00 pm)

  • Evening Classes: 4 to 5 nights/week (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)


915-355-3485 OR 915-702-0140

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